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Man finishes goal to walk every single street in the city of Boston; picks out his favorite streets in JP

Last month, Alex Cox finished what he'd set out to do several years ago: walk every single street in Boston. Jamaica Plain News then asked him to name and explain his ten favorite streets in JP.

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That said, minor quibble, but his goal was to walk or bike every street. Still a great feat, just not all done on feet.

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Definitely agree on Sheridan and Eliot. Yale Terrace is an interesting one. It connects forest hills cemetery to the arbor way and has some good views. Starr Lane has a European town center feel. Park Lane has cool views, lovely houses and a public stairway down to the street below it. JP is a great place to explore on foot.

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Forgive me if this was mentioned in the article, but Olmsted himself laid out Forest Hills Street as he planned Franklin Park. I lived in the Forestvale Apartments for almost nine years.

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I think I walked that way when I saw a performance at the Footlight years ago. A chilly fall evening, but architecturewise, I felt like it was August on Union Ave. in Saratoga.

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