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Man sacrificed life to save girlfriend in Brighton fire

Live Boston reports that Zack Thompson, 23, of Oxford, CT, helped his girlfriend escape from a fire on Perthshire Road in Brighton on Monday, then succumbed to the fire.

Firefighters used a ground ladder to rescue the girlfriend, after she was thrown out of a window onto a small roof protruding from the second floor by her boyfriend. She was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries.

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A surprise to many local political watchers, both Acting Mayor Janey and District 9 Councilor Breadon both came to the scene, a move met with mixed feelings. It did not escape anyone the proximity of the elextion and the timing of these visits, espcially given the Acting Mayor’s seeming lack of engagement with both crime scenes past as well as her unwillingness to attended multiple public forums.Overall neighbors seemed unimpressed with what one woman named Sue called “political grandstanding on the death of a young man”. She went on to note that they didnt even speak with her or other neighbors, only coming quickly for what she felt was a tasteless opportunity for some easy publicity. She finished by saying, “…it’s not like she was doing this when she was up in the polls or at the murders that seem to happen in her neighborhood…”

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Coming to the scene where a young man died saving a life in a tragic fire is political grandstanding? The Acting Mayor shouldn't come?That's a ridiculous and insulting thing to say.

'Sue' says her piece (we don't know anything about her or what she was asked) and I'm supposed to by that visit a tragic and fatal fire is somehow inappropriate. Get a grip.

This is "Live Boston" a right of center, pro-police, website.

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Flynn rode the firetrucks - don't see you saying much about that.

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Ray Flynn was the mayor in a different century…..

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What other differences can you spot?

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Lol classic Live Boston! I'm more shocked when they *don't* have some over-the-top commentary about Janey.

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Let me tell u this young man must have been so amazing and I'll be thinking of this young woman and hope she never gets stuck in complicated grief as so many of you may have experienced or are experiencing. Grieving is a life experience but medically diagnosed Complicated Grief is nothing to take lightly.

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Really folks? You're so angry at Janey that you can't spare a few thoughts for this young man who lost his life while saving someone else's?

My thoughts are with Zack Thompson, may his memory be a blessing, his girlfriend and family.

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Those living in the apartment were recent college grads who had just moved in and lost everything. There is a GoFundMe to help them at

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