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MBTA declares it is not 'outdoors,' so keep your mask on while riding the T or just waiting for the Blue Line at Orient Heights

The MBTA announced today that it is continuing to require masks on all T property, even above-ground stations and even if you claim you've been vaccinated. Sure, you won't risk a fine anymore by going barefaced, but you could still find yourself kicked off the T if you try to stand your ground or something with a T official or cop.

While the CDC and the Commonwealth’s guidance relax the need for face coverings in some settings, face coverings are still required while riding MBTA vehicles and within the MBTA system. This includes outdoor bus stops and all outdoor platforms for the Commuter Rail, subway, and trolley systems.

Effective April 30, 2021, civil fines related to MBTA face covering enforcement efforts are no longer in effect, though those who refuse to comply with the face covering requirement may be denied boarding of or be removed from MBTA vehicles and the system.

There continue to be exemptions to the face covering requirement for individuals with certain medical conditions and those who are so exempt do not need to produce documentation of their condition.

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I have only seen a T employee ONCE confront anyone about this and the guy told him to F off and continued to sit with his feet on the seat and his ugly muzzle uncovered.


Considering how many times drivers have had bleach thrown at them. I wouldn't either. Its not in their job description really. That belongs to Transit Police, who never ride buses.

I see the removal of fines being the end of people wearing masks on the T. I've never seen anyone removed for not wearing a mask.. except for me and some passengers who removed someone a few months ago.

(ya I got finger wagged by TPD, my reply was "ride some buses sometime and I wont have to do your job for you)

I just plan on see more maskless people..


I made sure to get vaccinated asap since the US seems stuck on stupid concerning the virus


My second pfizer is scheduled at 3:15pm on May 11.

Frankly, I think that public Transit Police should put their people on both MBTA trains and buses, to make sure that the mask-wearing on the trains and buses is enforced, and that nobody assaults the driver(s) in any way or form, and if people insist on either violating the mask mandate and assaulting the driver(s), they should be immediately removed from the train or the bus they're on, and face arrest, a court date, and some jail time.

I’ve seen bus drivers, commuter rail conductors and the subway station greeters tell passengers to put their masks on. Usually when another passenger makes a complaint. In every case the maskless passenger complied except for one guy who was clearly not mentally well.
I’ve told people directly to pull masks up, sometimes just hostile staring achieved the goal.


I'm getting tired of this nonsense. I ride the T at least twice a day, every day of the week, and I have yet to see the T enforce the mask requirement ONE. SINGLE. TIME. Not once! Nor do the T employees or police wear masks. Or if they do they are hanging off their faces and not covering their noses, like a fashion accessory. The exact way most people wear them on the T. If they are wearing them at all, which is a big IF. And the large amount of opiate addicted and/or people with mental health issues that populate the trains, buses and stations, do not wear masks either. Ever. Nor does anybody ask them to. Nor would they comprehend if they were asked. So what's the point of these bogus pronouncements?


Frankly, I'm of the opinion that the MBTA staff and the Transit police should enforce the mask mandate, at all costs, and kick miscreants off the bus or the MBTA subway train, if and when they absolutely refuse to comply. The miscreants who deliberately and knowingly violate the mask mandate should immediately be forced to vacate the train or the bus, at once.

Serious question for those riding the MBTA, coming from a Chelsea guy so most of our buses are always packed, how crowded have the trains and buses been? Seems kind of like a feel good proclamation to say wear masks but if your passengers on a bus for a half going going over the bridge are all standing nose to nose that seems more dangerous than some jerk sitting on a bench without a mask.

Still less packed than, say, February 2020. Maybe half the usual ridership, perhaps less, but I am typically riding before the beforetime peak. I am glad the northern track work is done, since that meant I didn't wait long. Took the bus to Forest Hills from Roslindale Square, and again less than usual.

As for mask wearing, there was a guy sleeping on the train inbound maskless, along with a guy who was eating, then had the partial covering. They were in the same part of the car, and they were the only people in that area. Outbound everyone was masked.

First train, ~520 am on Orange and Red have been pretty busy when I have taken the T. Tho I have opted to bike much more.

I just did a quick jot into town.. on said 111 out of Chelsea

Its not TOO bad. Not like it was for the 111 pre-pandemic. I find the 116 or 117s to be more fuller. I think its because its more of a local bus (vs 111 which is semi-express after Bham Square).

And at Haymarket, at least during the day, the awesome lady inspector counts people and stops when the bus is full (I had to wait for the next one)

Trains. I find are fuller and fuller. Rode the Red Line earlier this week almost at rush (was at 4ish). Was standing room only and near pre-pandemic levels of packedness (but mostly between Kendall and Park)

Oh man the 111 at Haymarket could use an attendant there post pandemic too... It sounds much more civilized than the crushing mob trying to fight to get on the bus

During rush there usually is..

There's a few inspectors that are useless. This one lady that is there all the time is always out there when buses pull up.

Some attendants.. not so much. Me and a few online peeps complained so much about this one rotund guy that was useless, and this lady and another lady started rotating in.

Since then its not too bad. Really could use an inspector.. well one that is out there, even into the later evening. (pre pandemic)

But what would *really* help is a queue line.. you know the bollard/fabric tape thingy like at the airport. It would make all the difference and stop the great run for the front door that happens. (all door boarding or free buses would also help too)

Late night is sparse. Not many people but early morning is picking up. Nothing like it once was though.

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Isn't a transit cop faces charges for removing a passenger who was spitting on him at Forest Hills station?

Well given that the T is not a small outdoor gathering and has both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, it makes sense that everyone would still be required to wear a mask.


I haven 't ridden the MBTA at all since the Covid-19 pandemic started, but I think that the MBTA staff and the transit police need to get way tougher on people who flout the mask mandate than they presently do.

I haven 't ridden the MBTA at all since the Covid-19 pandemic started, but I think that the MBTA staff and the transit police need to get way tougher on people who flout the mask mandate than they presently do.

Are 21, 31, 28, 29 and 39. I will always wear a mask.
Cuts down on colds and smells.
Great for allergies too!