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Medford man charged with West Roxbury road-rage stabbing

State Police report arresting a man from Medford on charges he tried to end a verbal road duel on VFW Parkway by stabbing his opponent in the chest on Saturday.

Drew Lamb, 27, faces arraignment today in West Roxbury Municipal Court for the incident Saturday afternoon on VFW Parkway inbound just before it turns into Centre Street:

The victim and a family member were driving in a Toyota Tacoma pickup on the VFW Parkway on Saturday afternoon. Simultaneously, LAMB was driving a black 2010 Cadillac CTS on the Parkway. The operators began passing and exchanging words with each other. Prior to the Centre Street intersection, both vehicles pulled over. Evidence indicates that LAMB exited his vehicle with a knife and approached the Tacoma. The victim then exited his pickup and the two began fighting. During the fight LAMB stabbed the victim in the chest, according to the evidence. LAMB then re-entered the Cadillac and fled the scene.

The victim was taken to a local trauma center with injuries not considered life threatening. State Police detectives, meanwhile, tracked Lamb to a pal's house in Salem, where they found the black Caddy parked outside. Lamb was arrested "without incident," State Police say.



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