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Moped/minivan crash at Forest Hills sends moped driver to the hospital with life-threatening injuries

Forest Hills crash scene showing motorbike

Arborway crash scene. Photo by Peter Cheung.

Live Boston reports a crash between the drivers of a minibike and a minivan on the Arbroway in front of the Forest Hills T stop around 7 p.m. sent one person to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. State Police shut the road for an investigation.

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Reminds me. Take it from someone who has had to walk from all points A to points B at Forest Hills both pre Casey Overpass and post Casey Overpass over the years 2 to 3 times every 9 hours every day. DO NOT depend on the traffic lights and walk signals at Forest Hills to make you think it's okay to walk, run, or proceed with your motor vehicle of choice. And don't bother 311'ing or calling who you think are the Powers That Be that make real change because it's not their jurisdiction and the blame game will will play over and over again.

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.. holding the powers that be responsible and not report incidents and concerns.

But you are absolutely right that you can’t rely on the walk signal or crosswalks to protect you. The sight lines are terrible. The crosswalks should be raised. No traffic calming in evidence and certainly no police presence that I’ve ever seen.

I jay walk this section and when crossing down the road to get to the Arboretum because it’s safer to do so. I cycle on the sidewalks here which is something I rarely do ever.

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How would a raised crosswalk stop someone from running a red light?

And have you ever seen a speed bump on a 6-lane road, especially where it intersects a 4-lane road?

I said it when the overpass removal plans were published: this wide surface intersection is no way to knit the neighborhood back together. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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Have you ever seen anyone hit a raised crosswalk at full speed? No one who cares about their car would do that. A raised crosswalk would really help.

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"dumb kids on ATVs poppin' wheelies" crowd comes by with their dog whistles.

This is an actual vintage custom moped.

The DMV classifies may lump them together but they are different machines and types of riders entirely.

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... deserve the right to pass through the intersection unharmed.

All riders, all pedestrians, everyone.

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With the caveat, as long as it is safe to do so.

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that the operator of the moped was not at fault. Also, owners of these "classic" mopeds often bore these vehicle engines making them 70cc capable of speeds in excess of 50mph rendering them a motorcycle. So the potential here is your unregistered and uninsured motorcycle. If you spent one night in Boston you would see these vehicles do in fact ride with the dirtbike / atv crowd.

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That's a ton of unsupported assumptions you just made.

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... at this intersection now after changes to the infrastructure. But I feel just as much in danger crossing and cycling here and all around Forest Hills as I ever have. Speeders still rule.

From the looks of the aftermath, I can’t imagine the pain and suffering of the moped rider. The driver, of course, was protected by their seatbelt and external armor.

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Walking across is very dangerous. Drivers taking a right onto the arbor way speed through the intersection even when pedestrians have a walk signal. I’ve also seen moronic drivers driving the wrong way. Since when do we drive on the left here?

This is what happens when the state gives a license to any dumbass who wants one and cops won’t do their job and enforce the laws. People end up in the hospital or the grave. If only Forest Hills had a subway and multiple busses people wouldn’t have to drive....

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That does not have 20+ minute headways every weekend, on top of service diversions (i.e. shuttle buses).

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Yeah, I know there are a lot of aggressive drivers around there, but ...

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