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New F.W. Webb warehouse and store in the pipeline on Hampden Street in Roxbury

F.W. Webb, which sells plumbing supplies, plans to build a 66,000-square-foot warehouse and store on Hampden Street between Melnea Cass Boulevard and Norfolk Avenue.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA, the company says it will split the roughly 3.3-acre parcel behind the Orchard Gardens School into two lots and put up its new building and underground parking on one lot of about 2 acres. The company did not say what it would do with the remaining land.

Hampden Street filings and calendar.




Pretty bleak stretch of vacancy on that side of Hampden. Based on the high quality of Webb's premises in South Boston this sounds like it will be an improvement to that block of Roxbury.


FW Webb has been around for a very long time.. at least in New England. I remember Dad (and Grandpa) going there cuz its what you did before there was a Home Depot or Lowe's in every town. They get it.

But I took a look at where this is. This is a good spot, and will finish off the block with Orchard Park. I am sure the school & row of townhomes there will appreciate FW Webb as abutters.

Sure it will be a big building.. but it will be a a nice new building that is secure, well lit, and be little nuisance off hours. (noise, traffic, etc) Considering the location and how close it is to Melina Cass @ Mass Ave.. I'd hope that better neighbors would be welcomed by the residences there.

Here's an overview of the area. The letter of intent says the Hamden street location (which includes the food place marked here), and some addresses off Chadwick St, which is the narrow street behind the row of townhomes. Probably from when Chadwick Street was razed for the Inner Belt & someone at some point after absorbed the small lots into the Hamden street location.


So yeah this is a very good thing for this area.

This is a great place for this business as it's close to the highway. This could be the beginning of cleaning up this neighborhood!! But of luck.

Anyone know if Webb fills small CO2 tanks for the general public?

Can you just bring your tank over?

Bring yer tank and get a wank

Will this be in addition to their Dorchester Avenue/Old Colony Avenue location, or replacing it?
Doesn't seem like they would need two so close together, does it?