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New modular home in South Boston has plenty of parking, water views

Lego house on Harborwalk along Fort Point Channel

Michael Spicher spotted this small house on the Harborwalk along Fort Point Channel, near the Gillette plant - not all that far from the spot on Congress Street where Nate Swain once "patched" a wall hole with a Lego community.



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There is definitely a lego community and its way more people than just me.
It was started with Jan Vormann and everyone is invited to join.
All you need to join is some legos and a place in public to install them.
here is the link.

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But we can make this work

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$7,800/month rent. First, last, security, broker fee. Parking is extra.

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Typical Boston.
The neighborhood is zoned for Lincoln Log construction, and the project was pitched to the neighborhood with low-income component. So what happens?
Developer goes "Oops!", submits a revised design (Lego, reduced low income component), and ZBA & BPDA rubber-stamp it!!!
_&_#)%*&!! typical!

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