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New sit-down restaurant and lounge planned for Hyde Park

Three local restaurateurs are hoping to convert the space left when the Fairmount Grille shut in 2019 into a new restaurant and lounge that pays tribute to the Massachusetts 54th Regiment - which trained nearby in Readville.

Tasha Hull, Andre Walker and Shawn Hunter hope to open Park 54 at 81 Fairmount Ave. early in 2022. Hunter formerly oversaw operations at Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen & Slade’s Bar and Grill.

Our mission is to continue the legacy of the historical 54th Regiment by creating a safe haven in which our beloved community of Hyde Park and the neighboring towns, can experience the freedom, happiness, and the fullness of self expression the 54th Regiment fought for. Our intention is to accomplish this by offering great food, innovative libations, incredible music, compelling historical artifacts, and an inviting ambience!

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