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New York City cab spotted way out of its natural element: South Boston

NYC cab in South Boston

Eileen Murphy reports she hailed the cab she spotted in South Boston last night because she was curious what it was doing there.

Had a quick chat & the guys were talking about sights around Boston they wanted to visit.

Which led to a conversation about the old days, when cabbies often refused fares to South Boston:

Do recall taxi drivers not wanting to go to Southie esp. from Chinatown after people hit the restaurants after last call. Lots of fare jumpers back then.

All those who had "cold tea" at Harry Mucks were doomed to walk home! You have to be old enough to know what I'm talking about.



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As long as they didn't try to pick up a fare...
I remember watching a near war break out when a Brookline cab stopped for a street hail in Boston on Brookline Ave outside the movie theater and restaurant (then a Longhorn) at the Landmark Center.
Boston cabbie pulled up and remonstrated with their neighbor about territorial propriety.
While this was going, a second Boston cab pulled up and got the fare.

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The whole one town cab thing really made it easy to pick Uber and Lyft over a cab (ignoring the subsidized fare thing).

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Out of state cab has been there for a few hours..please look into it.:)

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I saw one a couple months back (same model, different cab): https://www.instagram.com/p/CPlR1O5pB57/

That one had a five member family in it, so the per-person fare might have been not totally insane.

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