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Newbury Street Shake Shack getting a new topping: A boutique hotel

The Boston Licensing Board this week voted to grant a license for a 12-room boutique hotel at 234 Newbury St., where guests will check in via a remote call center.

Sonder Hospitality USA's hotel will occupy the three floors of the existing building, above the Shake Shack.

Licensing Board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce expressed some concern about security at the hotel, because similar remote-controlled hotels have "turned into locations where a lot of crime has happened."

Sonder said that during the day, there will always be at least one employee on duty and that a security company hired by Sonder will patrol the grounds several times a night. The building will also have several interior and exterior cameras and that one of Sonder's 13 current Boston-area employees would be accessible via a dedicated phone number.

The mayor's office supported the proposal. The Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay voted to not oppose it.


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