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Newbury Street stores started boarding up in advance of Chauvin verdict

Steve Cooper shows us one jewelry store getting plywood protection.




Couldn't help but notice you never mentioned that Marky Mark's mom passed. Any specific reason for that? This is an all Boston all the time news site isn't it?

I'm a one-person operation and don't always get to everything.


The thing to remember about Uhub is its Boston news you don't usually get anywhere else.

Mark Wahlberg's mom dying is on every local station right now. I don't feel like this should be a story Uhub should cover.

Not unless Adam just wants a place for us to comment under (which some stories are posted just for that reason).

Adam is choosy. I like choosy. I subscribe to the Globe so I can read everything else Uhub doesn't cover there.

But if you posted this on one of the two stories about the goings on at Anfield, you’d definitely have a point.


too. I walked by one of its ginormous, ominous-looking, military-style armored vehicles parked on Mass Ave near Tremont -- an eight-ton Lenco BearCat G2, if I'm not mistaken, this beast: https://www.lencoarmor.com/model/bearcat-g2-police-government/

Glad for a lot of reasons it wasn't called into action. This level of police militarization always makes me queasy, too strong a whiff of fascism.


The last time I saw those in heavy use was in capturing Tsarnaev in Watertown. It’s typically a bad situation when they are needed.


they can roll up in this and make you feel better - https://imgur.com/a/eDOGi62


untroubled about the ongoing militarization of civilian police forces all over the country, I guess?

Go back to sleep, you guileless lamb.


I do not support "militarization". However, I find that people are rather vague about that term and what it encompasses. I have seen the purchase of tasers be lumped into that category. Yet, people were asking for tasers as a less lethal option. I also do not recall any country being invaded by an army of soldiers armed with tasers.

if you want to call people lambs, then you should be willing to do some critical thinking, rather than be spoon fed these nonsense terms.


you seem to be oddly aggressive

Your comment was silly and mocked a serious problem. If you do want a serious discussion on police militarization, I suggest you don't start with a ridiculous dismissive comment and then compound the error with a master class in passive aggression.


By your flippant, dismissive response, I naturally assumed you were just another adolescent troll. No undue disrespect intended.

John Oliver sums up the extent, seriousness, and frightening issues around the ongoing militarization of American police departments, which started in the wake of 9/11, here. If you think the issue has been exaggerated by leftie pearl-clutchers, it's well worth 15 minutes of your time.


I'm not sure if we want the BPD driving up in anything that's designed to attract children.


The Boston Police were on Dern St still at 8:30. About 8 large passenger vans. Not sure there were enough police around to fill more than 3 of them. They were gone by the time I went by at 9.

There were also 3 BTD vans on Myrtle St at 9. Gonna ticket cars before they are towed??? No tow trucks around.

Given that wholesale lumber prices have seen a fourfold increase over the past year, if I was in a looting mood I would leave the Newbury St bling alone and just go for the plywood!



I guess they didn't watch the video.
What else could the verdict be?

here being Earth


Is that a lot of us weren't sure the verdict would come back the way it did.

That's (one of the many) the problem(s) right there.


another January 6?


Not here, but Rep. Waters elevated the need for such planning in Minnesota.
After Jan 6, with all the criticism of Trump and Giuliani fanning the flames, the thought that any sane Congressperson would speak so recklessly... staggers belief.
I hope the judge follows up (or other local authorities) and pursues this through their local US Rep to House leadership. Waters needs to be censured.
I'm a little surprised that there was any prep activity here, but I suppose they have to be prepared for any possibility, and maybe there were online rumblings somewhere that suggested protests.


::eye roll emoji::


Yes, thank you - they did indeed have a lot of coverage of the Chauvin trial and verdict.

Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/GoodMorningAmerica/

...at the laughably bad Maxine Waters talking point.


No, I just understood your attempt. I was just mocking you.*
As to the point...
Laugh if you want, but the point still stands. Giuliani and Trump were justifiably criticized (and then some (and deserved even more)) for their contribution to stirring up the Jan 6 riot and attempted insurrection against the duly functioning processes of our society. Even if such was not their intent, they were inflammatory and irresponsible and contributed to it.
Anyone who experienced that day (such as a current Congressperson) or criticized T&G for contributing to it cannot stand here only 105 days later and seriously defend Waters for careless (at best) inflammatory speech that was at risk of contributing to interference with another duly functioning process of our society.
* because whether you're a right-wing devotee who believes that Trump did no wrong, or a left-wing devotee that believes that Trump did wrong but somehow Democratic Party #### doesn't stink, your dismissive disbelief needs some mocking.


No serious person sees Waters’s comment as equivalent to the months of Trump and company fomenting the Big Lie, specifying Congress and Mike Pence as targets and paying to have a rally where he and others verbally urged the crowd to march to the Capitol. I mean if the two instances are the same, then where are all the examples of violence stemming from Waters’ comment?

I’m sure there is a Tucker Carlson fan page that will love that you regurgitate his propaganda, though.


You honestly think she wasn't just narrating REALITY of rage and anger boiling over if they let that asshole skate away?

That's mighty white of you.

Hey, Teddy Cancun wants another Margarita - shouldn't you be providing that stat? He'll tip you with another Special Talking Point just for u!


Real rage.
...and why shouldn't it be? With what Chauvin did and concern at any prospect of him getting away with it - even if it somehow (absurdly) mattered on just the local level there in Minnesota, and was not part of a much larger problem?
...but also really effing stupid for her to say what she said.
Can't help you with Teddy Cancun. I assume it's Cruz you're talking about? Did he, too, say something stupid (recently (on this topic))?