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As night falls along the Charles, a heron surveys its domain

Great blue heron in a tree by the CharlesRiver

Although night was approaching, that wasn't a night heron Mary Ellen spotted at Millennium Park yesterday - it was a great blue heron.


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Well done, Mary Ann!
Thanks for sharing.

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I don't know much about the travel patterns of herons, but there's at least one that I've seen flying around Malden. In particular it seems to fly from Oak Grove to and from Revere, probably the marshes. I wonder if there are a bunch in the area or if it's just one stopping off at all of the cool spots.

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It could be some of both of the above, if one gets the drift.

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So they're reproducing somewhere ...

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That's a cool photo! Thanks for sharing.

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As god is my witness, I didn't know that herons could roost.

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Mary Ellen, I really hope you have a portfolio.

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