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Yanks can't dent the Red Sox this time

Bring on the Rays.

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From the Boston Globe story:

Player introductions of the rivals brought impassioned reactions that elevated further when NESN analyst Jerry Remy threw out the first pitch to longtime teammate and broadcast partner Dennis Eckersley.

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living in Title Town has drained the juice out of that rivalry: the Bombers have been living in Boston's shadow since 2004.

In a year in which neither team looked like a serious contender to me, tonight's thumping was a bit more fun. I ran into some dejected Yanks fans on the street afterward, was kind to them. They'll always have that long stretch in the middle of the last century that only their grandparents and great-grandparents were/are old enough to have experienced, so that's something.

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...the 1978 game was between potential world champions, whereas this year's game was between teams that lost their divisions.

The whole wild card concept sucks.

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