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No mask, no cheese

Formaggio Kitchen on Huron Avenue in Cambridge announced yesterday that if you want to purchase any of its cheesy comestibles, you'll need to have a mask on.

Thank you for helping us keep our community safe and for all your support through the ups and downs of this pandemic.

The shop adds: "Thank ewe."

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It is up or down now?

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Its not like they're trying to milk it.

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Good for Formaggio's Kitchen for laying down the law! We're in the middle of a goddamned pandemic, and it's good to see people getting tough about such things as mask-wearing and social distancing. It's an absolute necessity.

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My small business never stopped requiring masks, even though we’ve all been fully vaxxed since April. We serve a lot of families with small kids, and I have small kids myself, so we want to minimize the chances of a breakthrough infection. We also limit capacity still.

We don’t get much pushback- we’re happy to give people a disposable mask or help them curbside. And again many of our customers have unvaccinated kids so they are happy to err on the side of safety.

I’m surprised Cambridge and Somerville haven’t mandated indoor masks yet though (AFAIK). I mean if Belmont can do it….maybe they think it’s happening voluntarily, which it may be.

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The city of Somerville has mandated indoor mask mandates, which is a good idea. Frankly, I think that the indoor mask mandate should be implemented state-wide. Baker would be smart to do that, and to do that, pronto.

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The mayor has kids under age 12. Say no more.

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