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Still no sign of fatal mystery bird ailment in Massachusetts, but state urges people to keep their bird feeders down just in case

MassWildlife reports that whatever is killing songbirds on a large scale outside of New England has yet to make its way here, but:

MassWildlife is asking the public to continue to refrain from feeding birds and putting out bird baths at this time as a precaution to avoid any risk to spreading the mysterious illness. MassWildlife will continue to coordinate closely with our state and national partners on future recommendations. MassWildlife reminds the public that birds have plenty of natural foods available during this time of year. In order to mitigate any potential disease spread, any activity that results in the congregation of birds (such as feeding birds or filling bird baths) should be stopped while more information is collected.

If you do run across any dead or seemingly ill birds, you can report them to the state.

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Have they tried searching 311 reports for dead birds?

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