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North End restaurant that had been warned about Covid-19 issues before gets a one-day license supension for new violation; three other eateries also dinged

The Boston Licensing Board this week ordered a one-day shutdown for Rabia's on Salem Street after BPD detectives found too many people inside on Feb. 20.

It was Rabia's second appearance before the board. In December, the board let the place off with a stern warning after a hearing at which the restaurant's lawyer promised restaurant operators realized the seriousness of adhering to capacity limitations and a ban on live music and vowed the board would not see Rabia's before it again.

The one-day suspension, to be served on a Monday, was for exceeding 40% of the restaurant's normal seating capacity.

The board also meted out suspensions for the same reason to Crudo, also on Salem Street in the North End, La Hacienda, 144-150 Meridian St., East Boston, and Sojuba, 1265 Boylston St. in the Fenway. Crudo got a one-day suspension, to be served on a Saturday. La Hacienda got a one-day suspension , on a Monday. And Sojuba got a two-day suspension, to be served on a Friday and a Saturday.

Such capacity suspensions effectively end on Monday, when the state and city remove the 40% restriction on restaurants as Covid-19 numbers come down in the state.

However, Boston restaurants are still barred from having live music until March 22, while all restaurants in the state must continue to keep tables at least six feet apart and parties to no more than six people per table. Also, staffers still have to wear masks, as do patrons when not seated - and patrons still have to order food to get an alcoholic drink.


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Lol, yeah that'll teach that bright red bloated psycho a lesson.

Let's all drop the act and just face it that there are always a series of envelopes changing hands that keep this place, and many others in the north end, open.

What a corrupt useless joke that licensing board is.

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Not 100% sure but I think the suspension day is the same day of the week that the restaurant got caught. So if a Thursday, they lose a Thursday’s receipts.

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Why go out to dinner during a pandemic?

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I'm starting to think that the owner of this establishment might not be taking this public health crisis seriously.

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What other health and safety practices and regulations are "optional" at his restaurants?

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