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Northeastern adds flu to its Covid-19 monitoring

Northeastern University reports that samples from the Covid-19 swabs from students or staff who have flu-like symptoms are now also being tested for, well, the flu, in addition to Covid-19.

The change comes as people are mixing in public spaces again, after a year with few flu cases as people stayed home or mostly six feet away from other peopl"

But this year, with crowds gathering again and masks coming off in many places, the medical community anticipates a surge in flu cases as the weather gets colder and social gatherings move inside more readily.



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If anyone feeling sick could waltz down to their local CVS, etc and get a free-to-them test for common viral pathogens so by the next morning they'd know if they should isolate at home or just take some aspirin and go about their day?

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If people who were feeling sick could just stay home and not need any special permission to do so?

I had something that likely was not the flu (vaccinated) and wasn't COVID (vaccinated and tested), but I kept it to myself anyway. Because nobody needs parainfluenza or one of the four OG coronaviruses (aka common cold) or rhinoviruses because I'm too special to rest or not allowed to call out sick.

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If we only had more generous sick day policies, we could eliminate all cold viruses like they did in Luxembourg.

Also, why stop at flu and not run a panel of STDs?

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STDs have overlapping symptoms with COVID and influenza, and can be detected from a nasal swab?

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