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Northeastern joins other universities and requires professors and staff to get Covid-19 shots

With the delta variant ascendant, Northeastern University announced today that, in addition to students, faculty and staff will also have to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination by Sept. 8.

Employees with medical issues or a "sincerely held religious belief" can apply for a waiver.

Boston University issued a similar mandate last month.


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They don't have a union to protect them.

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They'll have a vaccine instead.

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No. But there are several groups of employees at Northeastern who are union members. Part-time lecturers and the building superintendents come to mind immediately.

So, back to the point you were trying to make here...

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So, when will they be sued?

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approving the vaccines? Right now the vaccines are still considered "experimental" but with so many people already vaccinated, you would think the FDA would have enough info to go on. Or is there something other reason why the FDA still hasn't approved them?

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They are not experimental. They have been researched and continue to be. Because of the severity of the pandemic the vaccines have been granted Emergency Use Authorization. After the pandemic (if we ever get there despite the self centered a-holes who seem intent on perpetuating this crisis) the pharmas will have to apply for full approval. The only "holdup" in the US is that certain people won't get vaccinated or wear masks. Worldwide, it's that plus distribution, which is improving.

All your questions can be answered here: https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-covid-vaccines-idUSL1N2M70MW

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That makes sense, full approvals only after everyone takes it.

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Because the process involved and manufacturing reviews necessary will take a long time for full approval, because it basically gives them unlimited license to sell and market the vaccine in our country.

But the efficacy is already basically determined by the point of emergency use authorization.

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it will be approved before future humans are born.

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The EUA requires efficacy to be shown, but to a relaxed standard (because of the emergency). Safety trials were performed to the FDA's full satisfaction before the EUA was issued.

The "full" efficacy trials are lower priority, but it's pretty clear the vaccines *work*, so I don't know what kind of bureaucratic holdup there is.

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