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Northeastern to require indoor mask wearing this fall

Northeastern University today added indoor mask use to vaccination as being required by all students and staff, due to the delta variant.

At the start of the fall term, fully vaccinated and unvaccinated students, faculty, staff, visitors, and vendors will also be required to wear a mask indoors—effective when students move into university housing or on Monday, September 6 for faculty, staff, and students not in university housing.

This updated requirement applies across all of Northeastern’s global network of campuses. Masks will not be required outdoors or when someone is alone in an office or in their own room in university housing.



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Seeing they have a vax mandate.

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Given that the delta variant can cause illness even in people who have been vaccinated.

Granted, the odds are way, way, way lower than with somebody who hasn't been vaccinated, and even the infections tend to be way milder, but why not reduce the odds the virus will even get to those people, never mind people who either cannot be vaccinated because of medical reasons or who have conditions that reduce the effectiveness of the shots (like people on certain cancer therapies, people who have gotten an organ transplant, etc.).

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I know I took a break from masks til finding out this variant has now made 3 vaccinated people I know, sick. I would not downplay it at all, the vaccine just helps you fight it off with some added edge. I really don’t want to find out what it’s like. Where are the boosters, sign me up!

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I'm actually very concerned with CDs this coming fall :/

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Is it the only Boston area university that requires masks indoors?

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This updated requirement applies across all of Northeastern’s global network of campuses.

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At least all the big schools. I was surprised to see this Uhub story posted since I didn't think it was "news".

On Harvard's campus they have signs saying masks are required outdoors too.

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What is the sound of one ax grinding?

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