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Not so fast on Harvard not-so-fast story

Harvard Pres tells WBZ 1030 that the Globe story about Harvard rethinking its plans to reshape Allston in its own image is all wrong.

Well, sorta. Sure, she calls the Globe a bunch of nincompoops (or Harvardian words to that effect), but the way she put it, the Harvard Square landmark isn't rethinking anything - it had planned to be deliberative at this point in its 50-year expansion plan anyway. Which is basically what the Globe wrote, only without the part about the deliberateness being part of Harvard's original plan. So sounds like maybe somebody needs to buy some conditioner to deal with all those split hairs.

Meanwhile, remember how upset the provincials got when they discovered the U had secretly bought up large pieces of the neighborhood through all these straw real-estate trusts? Harry Mattison discovers that Harvard still has a fever - and the cure is more straw companies.



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