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Not something you want to see while zooming down 128: Two tractor-trailer tires flying at you from the other side of the highway

State Police report that a couple of tires flew off an 18-wheeler's trailer on the southbound side of 128 in Needham this morning, flying across the road and slamming into at least two cars on the northbound side. Amazingly, there were no injuries.

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Excuse the pedantry but it is the wheels that flew off (rim & tire), not just the tires :)

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Were they cargo or were they equipment? Spares?

Sounds terrifying. I saw a wheel come off of a car once and go bouncing down a hill (Winthrop and Boston Ave., Medford). I was fortunately able to dodge it on my bike and it smashed into a fenced yard. I can't imagine the kind of damage a much larger, much faster moving vehicle's wheels could do!

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Not a trailer-truck but a pickup. One of its rear wheels came off and bounced across Rte 2, into the car ahead of me. Hit the grille,fortunately, not the windshield. Pretty scary.

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According to WCVB, "A short time later, a trailer that was carrying a boat lost a wheel on Interstate 93 in Boston. It happened near the Neponset Avenue exit in Dorchester. The trailer became stuck in the middle of the highway for a short time. No injuries were reported in that incident."

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