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Not that you were planning on diving into the Mystic in Charlestown, but here's another reason not to

Possible Lion's Mane jellyfish in the Mystic River

Nathaniel Stinnet reports a "huge jellyfish" in the Mystic at Charlestown, and it sure looks like one of those sting-y Lion's Mane jellyfish that Hull Police reported a couple days ago.

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The water was littered with jellyfish

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The proper treatment for jellyfish stings is vinegar. Ignore anyone who tells you to pee on it; that's useless.

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Thanks for the tip!

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I'm filled with both!

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The point isn’t to pee on the stung area of skin, it’s to pee on the jellyfish to teach it a lesson

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Make sure to keep your unit far away from the jellyfish's tentacles. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

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but this is also futile, as jellyfish are kind of kinky, and don't really mind.

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The highly intoxicated woman who ran onto the field at a kids lacrosse game early this morning then proceeded to flash her bits.

Anything is possible in this heat!

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Am I alone in wanting pretty much anything BUT alcohol in this heat? Alcohol just makes me warmer and dehydrates me.

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but makes you feel warmer in the process. Isn't that how it works? Something about blood vessel dilation in the skin.

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That's exactly the mechanism, and it does make you feel warmer initially, but leads to lower body temperature. BUT, alcohol is also a diuretic, which is probably a larger effect.

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don’t even tip

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Changed "stingy" to "sting-y".

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