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Now you can watch ospreys on a day like this without even going outside

Ospreys at Belle Isle Marsh

From the osprey cam.

The Friends of Belle Isle Marsh have set up an osprey livecam so you can watch the birds making a home in the marsh along the East Boston/Winthrop line.

H/t Greg Cook.




Osprey is my favorite Bird

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I have seen one in my back yard this afternoon half a mile from that marsh

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When I click on the link, I just see a still shot of the nest.

If it were a live cam, there are several ways this could get exciting:

1. inedible whale for dinner

2. decapitated cat for dinner

3. sororicide

4. eagle raid

Nature is Metal

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Even a among birds of prey they have a bad rap, just go around stealing from others.

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Saw one of them return with a stick or metal rod or something for the nest (and somebody I know watched one come back with a fish). Maybe they turn it off as it gets dark?

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They have to depend on cellular for their data stream. They are looking for donations to upgrade!

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It's live now

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