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Once sprawling Finagle A Bagel now down to just two outlets

Finagle A Bagel has quietly closed its Test Kitchen on Rowe Street in Newton's Auburndale neighborhood, leaving it with just two nosheries - on Boylston Street in Copley Square and at Mass. General.

At its peak, the chain, founded in 1991, had 21 outlets in the Boston area. But in 2008, the couple who had bought the chain ten years earlier decided to ease out of direct retail sales, even unique bagel places with conveyor belts, and concentrate on bulk bagel baking for retailers across the country seeking white-label bagels.

The original owner was famous for shlepping a pail of Boston water from his Faneuil Hall shop to New York with which to make some bagels to disprove jaded New Yorkers who claimed that what made New York bagels so good was New York City water. At a New York bagel place, he made two batches of bagels, one with Hub water, the other with New York tap - and nobody could tell the difference.

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White-label foods are made by one company to be relabeled/resold by another. Store brands, for example.

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Although they are clearly labeled as "Finagle A Bagel".

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Nearly any store bought bread, no matter the label, Stop & Shop, Panera, Roche Bros., Golden Harvest, Nature's Grains, etc. around here is all made in Fall River at Gold Medal. I don't know if they do Big Y or Whole Paycheck.

If you buy a cake at your store's "bakery" it was most likely made at Dutch Maid in Dorchester. Just look and see if it has a gold label on it telling you what type of cake it is. That's the key.

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Sad. I love their bagels.

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Might I suggest OMG Bagels? They used to be sold at Russo's (waaaaah!!!), but you can find them at:
Bagel table on Needham street in Newton
Wilson farms in Lexington
Pemberton market in Cambridge
and of course OMg-bakery.com

They also show up at Farmers Markets in the summer. Seriously the best bagels I've ever had.

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They're very good bagels!

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though I no longer know where to buy it locally. bfresh in Davis Square used to sell it, but stopped for lack of demand.

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I'd instantly regress to an 8 year old every. single. time. I'd go there because of that stupid thing.

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Don't worry, that buzzsaw was awesome for this then 45 year old as well.

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I would wager it was a 3rd party thing- but saw a couple of the office/ medical bldg kiosks that sold their brand went under pre-pandemic a few years ago

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They will soon be down to one location when the MGH expansion project starts construction on Cambridge Street


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