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Orient Heights to get some mosquito spraying on Tuesday

The Suffolk County Mosquito Control Project reports it's scheduled some anti-biter spraying in the area of Orient Avenue, Boardman Street, Andrew Road and Horace Street after dusk on Aug. 3 (with a rain date of Aug. 4).

If residents see a spray truck approaching, they are advised to go indoors for a few minutes while the spray dissipates. Residents are also advised to close windows.

The project adds:

To help prevent mosquitoes from breeding, BPHC advises residents to limit places around the home where standing water can collect. People should turn over unused flower pots, buckets, wheelbarrows and garbage cans; remove leaves and other debris that can clog gutters and trap water; dispose of or cover old tires; and cover swimming pools when not in use.

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But there's a gigantic mosquito breeding area that sits between Eastie, Revere, and Winthrop. We shouldn't be spraying pesticides in Belle Isle Marsh and those nasty buggers will be back soon after the spray trucks drive through.

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The ULV spraying application only targets adult mosquitos in the air, and the insecticide breaks down in sunlight the next morning. This sort of application is intended to knock down the adult mosquito population that is alive at the time of application, which should in turn reduce the number of breeding adults.

There are other efforts that these mosquito control organizations perform to cut down on mosquito larvae.

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Very informative @brianjdamico!

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At home, in Norfolk County, we have one of these county mosquito control groups and I occasionally request they pay the neighborhood a visit on their weekly route through our town. So I read up on what they actually do, there’s a lot more involved than just spraying some pesticide in the air from a truck during the summer months. They’d likely agree with the intent of the original comment, prevention is always better, but once the adult mosquitoes exist, spraying to kill the living adults becomes necessary to control the population.

Don’t forget to check for standing water on your own property. Buckets, tires, outdoor kids stuff, even puddles that never seem to fully drain in the driveway when it rains every other day of the week.

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