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Area around Franklin Park Morrisseyed: Roads flooded, Orange Line shut; rest of city also soggy

Flooded bocce courts in the North End

North End bocce courts turned into reflecting pools. Photo by Nathaniel Stinnett.

The Boston area remains under a flood warning until 1 p.m. as Ida moves out.

Franklin Park and the areas around it seemed to get particularly hard hit by the overnight torrents: Flooding shut Morton Street from Forest Hills Cemetery to West Main Street and roads in the area of Blue Hill Avenue and Columbia Road, including in Franklin Park.

The T had to run buses between Jackson Square and Ruggles due to flooded tracks. No bus shuttles; the T says take the 22. The flooding also disrupted commuter-train lines that pass through Ruggles.

The National Weather Service reported 4.75 inches of rain in Jamaica Plain - the highest recorded in Suffolk County. Dorchester checked in with 4.22 inches, Brighton with 4, Hyde Park with 3.56.

But on the whole, nothing like New York.


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"North End bocce courts turned into reflecting pools." That's a Boston classic!

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become as popular as "storrowed"?

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One hopes not, otherwise we'll be up to our ancestors in baby wheels.

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NJ and NYC got over 3 inches of rain in one hour yesterday evening, a couple of building collapses, several deaths. My son couldn't get to work today because of flooding.

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Philly is looking bad, too.

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From the BWSC meter near Wentworth that measures the flow through Stony Brook:

Spike in the flow through Stony Brook
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