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Person falls on tracks at JFK/UMass

Crews getting person off tracks at JFK/UMass

John Smith captured T workers, firefighters and EMTs getting a person off the Red Line tracks at JFK/UMass this afternoon.

The T halted Red Line service around 5 p.m. to allow the person's rescue; service has since resumed.

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In addition to this, and the death on the Orange Line tracks, the Red Line southbound was also halted for a short while this afternoon, due to "police action" at Park Street, or so we were told. I don't know what the incident was, though my impression was that it was not related to the orange Line incident.

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I don't want to jump to conclusions or blame victims, but as a daily T rider, including during the pandemic, I see an unfortunately large amount of people incapacitated by addiction on the trains, buses and in the stations. Some can barely stand. The thing with opiates is the body leans WAY over, and I am always amazed that the person doesn't fall over. But maybe sometimes they do. This may have something to do with today's incidents.

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