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Pickup driver careens down Brighton street, wrecking cars as he goes

Ruined SUV on Litchfield Street

Roman Lilligren reports "some crazy driver with a huge trailer sideswiped multiple cars" on Litchfield Street in Brighton yesterday. WBZ reports an Uber driver who saw the carnage happening managed to follow the pickup long enough to get its license number.

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… suspension or permanent loss of license.

Fortunately only property was damaged this time. Shouldn’t be allowed a next time.

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Automatic license suspension. Must reapply and repass driver's exam once clear of a suspension period.

Way too easy to avoid more costly sentences by just driving away.

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Is that what the law is, or what you think it should be?

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You get far fewer consequences than a drunk driving conviction, for starters.

If you even get caught.

Which makes it clear to drunks that you drive off if you can.

Leaving the scene of an accident also means that people sometimes get away with vehicular murder if they are never found or caught and manage to junk the car.

It should also be a required charge - no police discretion, like in the case of an out of state truck driver or an MBTA bus driver killing cyclists or pedestrians. Courts, not cops, should sort out whether the driver should have known.

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