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Police charge two with spray painting a building in Roslindale - after spray painting a car whose driver was stopped for a light

Boston Police report arresting two men they tagged up a car whose driver was waiting for the light at Washington and Walworth streets around 7 a.m. today.

Police say officers responding to that incident soon found Alejandro Perez-Hobrecker, 27, of West Roxbury, and Ivan Richiez, 29, of Roslindale, busy tagging up the wall of a business way down Walworth at Belgrade Avenue. As the officers approached, the two split up and ran in separate directions.

Perez-Hobecker ran towards Roslindale Square, clutching what appeared to be a knife to officers, who ran after him, and kept running after him, and then ran after him some more, until they were finally able to apprehend him nearly a mile away, at Healy Field on Washington Street, on the other side of Roslindale Square.

Police say officers captured Richiez, who is well known in local graffiti and urban-art circles, not long after; they did not further detail his capture.

Both were charged with damage to property by graffiti and destruction of personal property. Perez-Hobrecker was also charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, although police say they were unable to find the knife they say he was holding initially. Police say officers did find several cans of spray paint.

Innocent, etc.


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Tagged a car while it was waiting for a light? I believe that was a Boston first. Let's hope it doesn't become a trend.

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Not tagged, he made mobile urban art. /sarcasm

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I'm impressed with Perez-Hobrecker's flight. That's a decent distance to be fleeing the cops. Not that I don't think he should be charged, but I still doff my cap to his endurance.

But tagging someone's personal property while they are near it? That's a bonehead move. Getting chased by the cops as opposed to the vehicle owner is probably the better outcome for them.

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BPD has its flaws but they sure don't kill that many people in the line of duty.

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but no knife found? Did he run or did he assault an officer? hmm...

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Legally, assault is when you threaten to do bodily harm to somebody, while assault and battery is when you actually do it.

Flashing a knife at somebody could be considered assault, especially if the person you're displaying it to feels threatened (at least in Massachusetts, I don't know anything about criminal law in other states).

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The red line walls from Savin Hill to JFK are covered with spray paint not that the T cares.

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The old disappearing knife trick. Classic

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hope that charge gets dropped really fast.

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And they are still randomly spray painting cars waiting at a light?

Well, at least they will get some grown up consequences from all this.

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I have a can of shaving cream I once held up and pointed at a driver trying to play chicken with me at a crosswalk and barge through. I’ve banged on hoods as well.

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but should be confined in an art installation designed to resemble a jail in every detail, including bars, heavy locks, armed guards, bad food, and boredom. No sacrifice is too great for Art.

p.s. - don’t tell me it’s Not Art. That guy has it completely backwards. Everything is Art.

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NGL, I really want to see their work now, very old school (despite the disrespect of tagging someone's car while they're in it).

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