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Police say teen who set cruiser on fire in the May 31 rampaging was arrested while trying to flee the country

Boston Police cruiser on fire on Tremont Street.

Photo via BPD.

Boston Police report arresting a teenager they charge set a cruiser on fire on Tremont Street downtown after rioting and looting broke out following a peaceful George Floyd protest at the State House.

Police say the teen, not named because of his age, was stopped at JFK Airport in New York City yesterday with a one-way ticket on an international flight, after his name came up as being wanted during a pre-flight passenger check.

The teen had been questioned and detained on June 11 in Framingham but was later released, police say. BPD detectives went down to New York yesterday to bring the teen to Boston to face charges of being delinquent for arson of a motor vehicle and inciting a riot.


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I was wondering if anyone would ever be caught for that night of riots.

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What does this bring the total caught number to?

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They caught someone looting a tie, but not likely to be arrested for it.

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Where was this gentleman headed? Usually it's the worst of the youth from the Middle East elite who make a break for the safety of their homelands in the news but I don't think there's a lot of sons of oligarchs in Framingham...

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I think he was reaching out for his destiny./s Honestly though, where does a 15 year old get money for an international flight?

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Need not be Europe. Both those countries have cheap flights from Boston.

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