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Police say they've nabbed the guy who robbed two North End banks on the anniversary of the release of 'The Town'

Rolando Gala

Boston Police report the arrest of Rolando Gala, charged with robbing the Century Bank and Citizens Bank branches on Hanover Street on Sept. 17.

That was the eleventh anniversary of the release of "The Town," which focused on residents of "a one-square-mile neighborhood called Charlestown" carrying out an armored-car heist on Salem Street.

Police say Gala, 39, was arrested by detectives in District B-2, which covers Roxbury.

These are not the first forced withdrawals Gala has been charged with. In 2010, Gala was dubbed "the Back Street Bandit" because he dressed like a member of that boy band while robbing banks north of Boston.

On Sept. 17, though, he dressed down: He wore nothing on his head, two untucked T-shirts, a pair of ill fitting jeans and sneakers.

Innocent, etc.

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