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Pro tip: If you steal a bike, you might not want to keep riding it right around where you stole it

Transit Police report that around 6 p.m. on Thursday, a man told officers at Back Bay that his bike was missing from the bike storage area there.

And then, just as the man was describing the bike to the officers:

The victim observed a male riding his bicycle on the Dartmouth Street side of the station and excitedly informed the officers who quick footed it down Dartmouth Street and stopped the male. The victim positively identified the bike as his displaying pictures of the bike from his phone. The male who was in possession of the bike, later identified as Jason Ventolieri, 44, of Tewksbury, had different explanations as to why he was in possession of the bike but none of them passed the proverbial smell test.

So that's a larceny charge right there. Officers then discovered he had warrants out of Charlestown and Cambridge courts for various larceny and motor-vehicle charges, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Adam, for all of us cyclists this is such fantastic news!! Since the pandemic bike theft has been through the roof and so glad this person had their bike returned to them. For essential workers, Downtown property managers have allowed employees and contractors to store their bikes securely inside the buildings, which is a huge help. This past Fall I was at work in Cambridge when a co-worker stopped someone from stealing my bike. I had 3 locks on it! The cop who took my report suggested I get 5 locks because these crooks are very quick and clever.

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I have been bringing my bike into the office for the last year. It’s faster than locking it up and safer. Plus I’m not bugging anybody since there are so few people at work.

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Bike thief...

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Those damn out of towners.

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