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Raccoons take up residence in Kendall Square

A raccoon in a Kendall Square wall

Ama Wild has been getting up early to video the raccoons of Kendall Square, including this one, who seems to have taken up residence in a wall:


And in the smaller-fuzzies department, here are a pair of squirrels getting it on in Kendall Square:



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The squirrel video seems a little too graphic for Universal Hub. Maybe pixilate below the critters waist for the children that follow this website?

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Don't want to see any squirrel nuts, huh?

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Note that these were made a very short distance from where Squirrel Susie and Squirrel Sam were getting their natural dance on.

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Sam was a bit more keen on it than Susie, who was a bit too unnerved by the videographer.

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a tree a hundred yards away that echoed across my South End block: an unearthly howling, screeching, death-match racket that went on for a good ten minutes.

I spotted a raccoon strutting across my street the other night for the first time ever, with that weird hunched-back walking-on-tippy-toes posture. I'm still seeing bunnies in my building's courtyard, nibbling on our grass and not too nervous about the humans walking by, a lockdown holdover that I expect won't last. I'm not a sentimental man, but damn, them little ones are cute.

Always surprised to see wildlife in the hood that isn't a brazen rat with a "WTF are you looking at?" attitude. My favorite local Wild Kingdom moment from some years back was the seagull just overhead, flying straight down the middle of Washington Street toward Dudley / Nubian Square with a giant slice of pizza in his beak, its grasp perfectly centered on the crust, that big triangle hanging straight down. I was too slow on the draw to get a phone vid, alas. That might have been a viral clip, Boston's answer to Pizza Rat.

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