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Rally on the Common against people who attack Asian-Americans

The Dig reports on a rally at the Parkman Bandstand yesterday.


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The anti-Asian hate purposely roused by certain people is horrifying.

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Thanks to the weekly dig and universal hub who are the only media outlets covering the vicious attacks on Asian Americans. These attacks have been going on for several years with the knockout game and school related violence. I remember talking to the former head of DYC which recently closed and he told me that years ago Vietnamese kids were being targeted in the Fields Corner area and Asians were being robbed and beaten on the red line.

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Are you talking specifically of coverage of this rally, or of the greater issue? Either way, I think you are giving Adam a bit too much credit here and dismissing the coverage of other outlets. Certainly, if you are speaking specifically of the rally in Boston yesterday, I will gladly show you where else you can look.

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except that it was at the same time as a bicycle rally for Breonna Taylor, in South Boston.

The Globe also covered this Asian-American rally in today's paper.

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I've been researching the FBI's data base on hate crimes against Asian-Americans. Some findings.

In Massachusetts hate crimes against Asian Americans peaked in 2001. Nationally the peak was 1995-1996.

Top states for hate crimes against Asian-Americans in 2019:
1. California
2. New Jersey
3. Washington
4. Massachusetts
5. Ohio

Most common location of crimes:
1. Highway/ road/ alley/ street/ sidewalk: 22.2%
2. Residence: 17.8%
3. Parking lot: 8.1%
4. Restaurant: 8.1%
5. School: 5.4%

Race of offenders nationally is
43% White or European-American,
14.1% Black or African-American,
5.4% Multiple Races,
3.2% Other Asians,
32.4% Unknown race.
Hispanics of any race account for 3.2% of hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

Juveniles were the offenders in 10.3% of incidents, and the victims in 8.1% of crimes.

The data is from 2019 because the 2020 national data hasn't been released yet.

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