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Rats running roughshod: Cambridge looks to hire a rat liaison

Ben (1972) - Official Trailer (HD)

Wicked Local Cambridge reports Cambridge wants to hire a "rat liaison," not to negotiate terms of surrender with Remy and Ben to serve as a sort of rat czar to deal with growing numbers of rar complaints from residents, only you can't call the person a czar in the People's Republic.

Newton residents come to grim realization that their garden city has rats.

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The simple solution to avoiding rats altogether would be to move to the suburbs. I think it’s inevitable you’re going to have rodents to some extent in the city.

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Rats rule the world. They aren't going to look at your address and care.

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from Medford and down through Cambridge and Somerville, and I can tell you that I see LOTS of rats. A day doesn't go by where I don't see at least one, and more than one is pretty common. They seem much more prevalent than pre-pandemic, when I walke the same route.

I see lots of rabbits, too. My new game to keep myself interested is Rats vs. Rabbits, each side gets a point for a live sighting and a half point for a dead one.

Today was a draw. Rats 1, Rabbits 1.

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that means coyotes are next.

And right now Arlington is going crazy over coyotes. They'll be moving eastward soon.

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"rat liaison"?
Didn't we already try that with Whitey Bulger?

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