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Replacement of Maverick Square vacant lot could get finally get underway this summer

The Zoning Board of Appeal today gave a developer more time to replace the vacant lot at 9 Chelsea St. it created in 2018 with a three-story retail and office building.

Linear Retail's previous zoning approval for replacing the blank space it created when it tore down the former Rapino funeral home and two adjoining buildings on Maverick Street was set to expire March 29.

The company's attorney, Richard Lynds, said the company had hoped to begin work earlier but that Covid-19 had slowed work, in particular with finding retail tenants. He said the company is hoping to begin construction this summer.

Board member Joe Ruggiero voted for the proposal, but asked that Linear do something in the meantime about the increasingly decrepit fencing surrounding the land.



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There was originally talk that a Trader Joe's was going there. I wish it would, East Boston could use it. The site was the former Rapino's Funeral Home. Growing up in East Boston I knew many dead people there.

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Rats a pouring out of that deep hole like as if it was a version of the 1960’s Movie “ Birds”

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