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Return of the new Orange Line cars just weeks away, MBTA says

Orange Line out for testing

The T took one of the new trains out for a spin on Saturday. Photo by John Smith.

The MBTA said tonight it expects to start running those new Orange Line cars again "before the end of the summer," which means sometime before, oh, Sept. 21.

Over the weekend, T crews were busy exercising some of the new cars along the tracks north of Boston that were originally built for an express service that, of course, never happened.

The new cars have been out of service since a train derailed at Wellington, possibly due to it being more portly than could be handled by an aging switch there - a switch the T was about to replace.

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Which September 21st?? (2021, 2022???)

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There is always a next summer.

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I'll bring my own anti-slide seat cushion.

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Was not the issue something was wrong with the trains and they couldn't turn after a certain amount of low numbers uses?

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Perhaps they have made a modification to the problematic side-bearing pads and that is what they are testing before putting them back into service.

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Does Charlie Baker get to go to another ribbon-cutting ceremony?

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… he takes the T to get there.

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