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Revere could soon be buzzing

The Revere Journal starts its coverage of a Board of Health meeting with the depressing stuff: Covid-19 numbers and the fact that more kids are going without measles shots (parents: get your kids their measles shots), before getting to a honey of a vote: The board approved regulations that will officially let residents keep bees. Also, the board is continuing to work on a proposed regulation to allow what the Journal said is formally called the Keeping of Chickens. No roosters, though.

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When is Cambridge going to be shamed into allowing chickens because all the neighboring cities allow it?

Of course they have no actual zoning law against it. They just said, well, this is not commonly done around here, and anything strange or unusual can't be allowed to continue. Except for the Cambridgeport chickens, which have always been around so they're exempt from the shadow ban, but somehow they don't count as demonstrating that it's an existing use.

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