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Roller Skating for Justice

Are you looking for like-minded progressives to skate with in Boston? Want to cross-promote your events and campaigns on wheels? Are you new to the area and looking for groups to get involved in? Are you psyched about building strong cross-issue coalitions while boogying to old school hits?

Join Socializing for Justice for Roller Skating for Justice at Chez Vous on Thursday, April 5th

8PM to midnight, ALL AGES, EIGHT BUCKS.

No program. No speaker.
Just strap on your free rental skates and enjoy yourself.

RSVP (greatly appreciated!) at www.sojust.org.

Yep, that's right. This is the same ROLLER BOOGIE you've read about in the Globe, Herald, Phoenix, and Weekly Dig. These old school fundraisers are thrown together to keep Boston's last roller rink, Chez Vous, alive. This time, DJs 7L, Knife (Marinate) and resident disco king Colbourne will be keeping you rolling. (Yes, it is as fun as it sounds.)

HOW DO YOU GET TO CHEZ VOUS BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Hop a quick bus from Forest Hills Station in JP - take the 21 or 31 and end up at the intersection of Morton and Blue Hill Ave. next to the B-3 police station.

Chez Vous Roller Rink
11 Rhoades Street, Boston

Socializing for Justice(TM) is for feminists, anti-racists, queer pioneers, genderbenders, environmental agitators, class activists and all people across Greater Boston working for justice in our neighborhoods, in our nation and beyond. We're putting the SOCIAL back in SOCIAL JUSTICE. If you think this group MIGHT be for you - IT IS.

At SoJust events you can hang out with friends, make new ones, find a date, get the scoop on a job, and find out what's going on this weekend - political or social. And the best part is that SoJust members share your vision of building a more just world.

SoJust strives to have diversity based on age, race, gender, level of activism and profession - we hope everyone who attends sees someone like themselves and meets someone they otherwise wouldn't have.

Events are held twice a month and are focused on giving attendees a chance to meet each other and find connections. Event attendance has ranged from a dozen to over 100 members and newcomers.

Members can view and post events, job & volunteer announcements, roommate searches, print & on-line resources on the 'Message Board' at www.sojust.org and are encouraged to suggest and co-host events.



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