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Ronan Park will stay in the dark for another few weeks

Dorchester's Ronan Park, currently bereft of any lighting at night, could get new lights installed within three months.

The park has been lightless after dark since last fall, when one light pole got blown onto the basketball court during a windstorm and parks crews then dismantled the rest as a safety measure.

Parks and Rec currently has light replacements out to bid and hopes to select a contractor soon. Once that happens, it should take 10 to 12 weeks to install the new fixtures.

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Can we go on modified double-secret daylight savings time until then, so it won't be dark there?

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For naming your park after one of the more boring villains in the MCU.

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or doggie doo

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Such great views of the bay up there.

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Not a problem...

It’s almost April. 4th of July fireworks should start up any day now and the park will be well lit.

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