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Roslindale bank sets up fund for worker at neighboring pharmacy who was murdered; police hunt 'armed and dangerous' man as her killer

Alicia Heywood

The Cooperative Bank, headquartered on Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale, has set up a fund to help the family of Alicia Heywood, who was shot to death last Thursday in the parking lot of Sullivan's Pharmacy next door, where she worked.

Heywood, 42, lived in Easton but grew up in Hyde Park and had a daughter.

Contributions can be made at any Cooperative Bank branch or via Venmo, @AliciaHeywoodMemorial

Separately, Boston Police today put out a public APB for the man they say killed Heywood - Akil Jackson, 41, also of Easton.

Jackson should be considered armed and dangerous and if observed, contact 911 immediately.

Police thought they had Jackson, an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and who has a record of gun and drug convictions, cornered in a house in Adams Village the day after the murder, but after police surrounded the house and the SWAT team went in, they didn't find him.



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Bloody hell, I hope Jackson is not the father. Ugh.

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According to the story in the Boston Globe, Jackson isn't the father. Sadly, this was yet another case of domestic violence.

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Thanks for the update.

Jackson was living with Heywood and the daughter so the daughter is very familiar with her mother’s murderer. I hope the abuse the daughter faced was minimal; so traumatic.

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It’s good to have a local bank with local management in the neighborhood. A couple of giant banks have branches that are nearby too and they didn’t think of this.

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