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Roxbury council candidate seeks recount

Angelina Camacho said tonight she has filed for a recount of the results for the District 7 (Roxbury) preliminary, in which she narrowly came in third behind perpetual candidate Roy Owens.

In a statement, Camacho said:

After prayerful consideration, I have decided to move forward with a recount petition. Given such a small margin, we owe it to our supporters, friends, and the community to make sure that every ballot is counted and every voice has been heard. It is also an opportunity for our fellow candidates to know that the process has been counted accurately. Therefore, at 5 o’clock this evening, our campaign submitted signatures to the Elections Department petitioning for the recount. After the process is complete, I hope that we will all be part of the continued work of building community.

Unofficial city results show Tania Fernandes Anderson came in first with 2,014 votes, followed by Owens with 1,284 votes and Camacho with 1,256. If the results do not change, Anderson and Owens, who loses elections for a different office each year, will face off in November. Owens failed to make the final in the race for at-large council, for which he also ran this year, after an abortive attempt to run for mayor.

Five other candidates also ran for the seat Kim Janey gave up.



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I remember that the Office of Campaign and Political Finance received notice that Roy Owens' campaign broke two rules - it distributed a promotional document that wrote his campaign was sponsored by his church (non-profits can't do this) and he added his cashapp account for donations, a method which is not allowed.

OCPF received the document in question, but it seems like nothing happened? Doesn't it seem like there is another story to uncover? I still have a screenshot of the document in my photo gallery. Anyway how do we learn the results of OCPF investigation, if they even did it?

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