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Rutherford Avenue could get some more life-sciences lab space

Related Beal wants to tear down a two-story self-storage place on Rutherford Avenue, next to Hood Park, and replace it with a three-story life-sciences R&D building that would meet current federal standards for the care and research use of lab animals.

In a letter of intent, the developer told the BPDA it will soon file detailed plans for its proposed building on a 1.3-acre site at 420 Rutherford Ave., now home to a CubeSmart building.

The new building would provide parking in an existing parking lot at 440 Rutherford Ave., which Related Beal also owns and already rents out to the R&D set. The 20-acre Hood Park development next door also has R&D space, along with its offices and residential buildings.

In addition to the building, Related Beal says it will pay to extend Half-Pint Way from Hood Park Drive to the nearby Bunker Hill Industrial Park, of which it owns a piece. The goal would be to eventually open what is now a private way to public use, the company says.

420 Rutherford Ave. filings.

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