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The setting candy moon

Moon sets over the Schrafft's Building in Charlestown

Matt Frank captured a setting full moon over the Schrafft's Building in Sullivan Square this morning (and over downtown Boston; Frank gets around).


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What a great shot!

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I really should let you caption my photos before I send out photos, you always have a better tagline lol

The Boston shot was pre planned for a few days. Schraffts was me trying to eek out one more image before losing the moon. So I began driving along the water. Most of my treks involve one heavily preplanned segment and then another stop or two on the way home that are impromptu.

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UHUB always has quality photos but I'm always curious about type of camera/lens used, exposure, other technical info. Some publications regularly include that kind of thing in the credit, Adam is that something you can encourage? Your nerd base would be grateful.

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I believe for the Flickr pool that info is auto lifted from the data on embedded in the image. So if you follow the link to the Flickr pool the info for those images could be there. Many of the images come from there with people tagging Uhub.

For my stuff, it gets pulled from Twitter because I have Flickr but it's not my first wave of posts. I tag on Twitter and sometimes get a RT and sometimes a post.

Most of my shots are with a Canon Mirror less RP and an assortment of lens. Shots like these are normally with a Sigma 500mm. I used to shoot with a DSLR Canon 6D with a Sigma 600mm before that set up was stolen but some of my older stuff will be with that. I also do some more creative work with my little cropped censor Canon T5 and my Google Pixel 3 phone. I can get exposure info later when I'm back at my home computer, I forget what settings I was at.

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