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Sloan School students failing to manage their Covid-19 risk; MIT shuts Sloan campus

Cambridge Day reports on a Covid-19 outbreak among Sloan School of Management grad students, many of whom were "gathering and traveling together." There was a similar Sloan outbreak last fall.

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"The rules are for thee, but not for me."

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All the striving, bright and amoral ghouls who sign up with McKinsey to whitewash Saudi princes or opioid dealers have to come from somewhere and that somewhere is places like Sloan.

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Also Harvard Law.

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That's where cynical hate mongers like Tom Cotton learn their trade.

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The senator has the last name Cotton because “Tommy White Power” was too unsubtle, even in Arkansas.

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I suspect he was the product of Operation Bootstrap, just like Homer Simpson.

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The downsizing degree.

A tune is stuck in my head:
Why MBAs?
Why MBAs?

Not by the Village People

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These students deserve to have the same sort of punishment that the 200 students at UMass-Amherst who flouted the rules for social distancing and wearing masks, and against having large gatherings of people: Suspension from school.

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