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Small Roslindale street could get second bakery, but first where customers could also get baked, at least once they get home

Kijana Rose

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a proposal for a take-out bakery on Birch Street in Roslindale Square that would serve baked goods infused with marijuana.

Kijana Rose's proposed I & I Rose Garden still needs approval from the state Cannabis Control Commission before it can open, a couple doors down from the recently opened Weesh Bake Shop, which offers more traditional baked goods that do not come with any extra zing.

Rose's proposed shop would be less than half a mile away from another proposed marijuana shop, on South Street, where Tex's BBQ used to be, but the half-mile limit no longer seems to bother anybody in city government and so that was not an issue today, either.

Still, zoning Chairwoman Christine Araujo, herself a Roslindale resident, said the Longfellow area where the Hempest would go "feels like an entirely different neighborhood" from Birch Street in the heart of Roslindale Square. Rose, who also lives in Roslindale, also said she doesn't see the Hempest as competition because it would offer a full line of cannabis products, while she will be focusing on baked goods.

Rose's shop would replace an existing realty office. Customers would order online, then go to the back of the shop, in the courtyard behind Sophia's Grotto and Village Seafood, to pick up their orders. R

ose would use the location's basement to bake products - which she would also sell and deliver to other dispensaries in the area throughout the week - one of her key selling points since she'll be offering fresh baked edibles.

She said the shop would only be open for retail pickup between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week the shop would be closed but the basement kitchen would operate between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. turning out products for both retail and wholesale customers.

She said the recent conversion of most of Birch Street into a pedestrian and seating area will not affect pickups and deliveries, because there is enough space left on Birch Street that remains vehicle-accessible for her or her employees to load and unload stuff. There's also potential access through the other side of the courtyard where retail customers would pick up their orders, she said.



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That Araujo approved something like this in her neighborhood.

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Rozzie getting lit

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No stems
No seeds
That you don't need
I & I bakes some badass weed.

(Hey man, I wanna do that again, man, there was this thing I was gonna do, man....)

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I wish her bakery the best, sounds like something I would visit. Good for Rozzie

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The stoner bakery has a normie name.

The non-stoner bakery is called Weesh?

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Is this the correct moment to say I MISS THIS PLACE!!!!

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With John's, Diane's, Vouros, Droubi Bros. that newcomer Fornax and, yes, Boschetto's (briefly replaced by Sugar)? At least Fornax is still around (well, and Droubi Bros., although they no longer make their own pita).

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