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Popcorn on the Orange Line

Popcorn the hedgehog

Just when you think you've seen it all on the Orange Line. Roving UHub photographer Dan Peters spotted this hedgehog, named Popcorn, just chillin' near Mass. Ave. this evening, while his owner sat across from him, just watching people's reactions and laughing.


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No one's sitting next to Popcorn because he's such a prick.


...will be captured for food and served to the K9 Patrol.

Albino snouted rat?

Popcorn made my day! :)


He had a big day out....ran around fanueil hall....had a good 30 kids petting and holding but i said there's one rule...do your homework.....cheers....


Cloth seats and an animal? All cool until it pees.

It's cute and all, but totally inappropriate on the MBTA.


It's a stuffed animal.

It would be cruel to do this to a live wild animal.

That's definitely a live African Pygmy Hedgehog (yep, they look like that, and albino to boot), and lucky for us, they tend to pee once they wake up, and then tend to hold their bladders for a few hours. I owned two (and often gave 'animal talks' with them at the HMNH and the schools I worked at), so yeah, stuffed, that is not.

You say that as if humans don’t pee on the Orange Line.

I'd rather have to sit next to him or a Cane Corso than Screaming Jesus Guy, Sob Story Guy, or Spare Change Guy and f'n day.