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Somebody trying to punk the DA on Twitter?

Live Boston reports the office of Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins is now looking into the origin of a screenshotted fake Tweet that purported to be from her and that she was looking into alleged "violent" treatment of a naked guy in Downtown Crossing by Boston Police. Rollins's office says she never tweeted that.


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The poor guy suffering from mental illness does not deserve this.
The BPD officers doing their job do not deserve this
DA Rollins does not deserve this

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I can understand that someone would like to clarify a their position vs a faked tweet but it seems highly unlikely that they can do anything about it aside from complaining to Twitter, good luck with that Dr. Shiva, nor would there be any consequences for the alleged poster, who must be one of the few to bother with the DA outside of a certain local 'news' station.

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Never trust a Twitter screenshot without verifying the original source.

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The real question is, what is preventing this man from getting the help he needs?

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Hmmm. I wonder what goal will be achieved by the amplification of anti-Rollins posts.

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They acknowledged that a fake account posted those tweets.

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