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Sometimes you just need to jump

Jumping deer at Millennium Park

Mary Ellen spotted this deer bounding up the hill at Millennium Park yesterday, sign be damned.

Sign: Stay off the side slopes at Millennium Park

The reason for the sign: Millennium Park is actually a giant trash heap covered with clay, a thin plastic lining and some dirt and grass, with the odd tree planted here and there. Officials try to discourage people from climbing up the hill and wearing away the dirt and then the liner that keeps rainwater from leaching God knows what into the Charles River. Deer, of course, pay no attention to such signs.


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Maybe the city should consider a literary program for deer.

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Mary Ellen takes the best photos. Thank you for sharing!

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but Cambridge does not try in any way to discourage people from climbing the artificial hill, or sledding down it in the winter.

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Erosion can damage the landfill "cap", the foot traffic and dogs trample the wildflowers that grown there, disturbing the habitat for pollinators and ground nesting birds like pheasants, which used to be abundant at MP before the off-leash crowd discovered it. Plenty of other options in manicured parks.

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Go ahead annnd....

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