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For South End residents who really want a dalmatian but their condos are just too small

Spotted bug in the South End

John Hanzl, who earlier introduced us to the South End's googly-eyed bugs, yesterday spotted this unusual insect on East Dedham Street.

Little Lamzy Dive Bar IDs it as a leopard moth, which grow out of woolly-bear caterpillars and which have sex for up to 24 hours straight (the male will sometimes walk around to find the best temperature during the act; the female folds up her legs to make it easier for the male to carry her).



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Leopard moth (thanks to Google reverse image search)

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The brown and black woolly bear that I think most people will be familiar with by that name is the Isabella tiger moth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrrharctia_isabella

(Same family, though. It's a common name for a lot of these.)

By the way, if you see a leopard moth, take some time to look at it from different angles so you can see the iridescent blue patches. Very striking.

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